A highlight of winter trekking is having the trails to yourself. Photo: Tashi Sherpa
12 Dec 2017

Alone but Never Lonely: The Annapurna Circuit in Winter

Barefoot, I ascended the steps at the entrance of a Tibetan-style monastery that sat high above the Manang Valley in the Annapurna Himalayas. Peering through the massive doorway, I found the main room dark and empty, except for a golden Buddha sitting in composed serenity at the far end of

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Try the Newest Sport in Town: Bouldering in Manali
01 Jun 2017

Try the Newest Sport in Town: Bouldering in Manali

The five members of the Delhi family I was travelling with wore rented one-piece snowsuits that they had picked up in Manali. We wouldn’t encounter any snow for at least another thirty minutes on our drive up the road toward the Hampta Pass, but that did not stop them. Nor

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Bhutan's Druk Path Trek...in Two Days
12 Feb 2017

Bhutan’s Druk Path Trek…in Two Days

We were short on time. “It says here that most people do the Druk Path in six days.” “Well, in four days I have to leave the country. In three days, you have to leave the country. So we better do it in two.” It was reluctantly decided. My friends

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The Brokpa People of Bhutan
30 Nov 2016

The Brokpa People of Bhutan

Some of the most remote villages in Bhutan are found on the far eastern side of the country. It is the land of the Brokpa people. According to their oral history, the Brokpa originate from Tibet and came to Bhutan after they beheaded a tyrannical king in their ancestral village.

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