25 Sep 2017

Must-Try Experiences to Live Locally in Nepal

What makes a vacation authentic to the destination? There are many ways of answering that question. When you are in Nepal and want to live like a local Nepali, you need to cook like a Nepali, eat like a Nepali, sing and dance like a Nepali, and smile like a

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How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Nepal
20 Sep 2017

How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Nepal

The excitement of visiting developing countries has a major downside: the potential for food poisoning. Let’s face it, it’s much more fun to explore local markets or drink in mountain vistas than being doubled over the toilet! I am all too familiar with the latter scenario due to a very

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Chiya Khayo? Traditional Nepali Tea and Snacks
20 Apr 2017

Chiya Khayo? Traditional Nepali Tea and Snacks

Nepal is a tea drinker’s paradise, and a good cup of chiya – sweet milk tea – is hard to resist. Enter a Nepali home and before you can say ‘namaste’ and take off your coat, a steaming cup of chiya will have already been placed in front of you.

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Yomari, A Newari Food for the Gods
05 Jan 2017

Yomari, A Newari Food for the Gods

During one of my visits to Nepal, I stayed in Bhaktapur, at the home of a Newari family. Newar are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and nearby areas. They have their own language, culture and cuisine. Not only did I enjoy their heartfelt hospitality, but also daily feasts

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18 Dec 2016

Touring Kathmandu on the Back of a Vespa

I’m a sucker for a scooter ride, and when I heard about Vespa Valley’s vintage Vespa tours of Kathmandu, I had to check it out. My guide, Surendera, picked me up near my house on a cherry-red ’80s model. He gave me a helmet and we cruised off into the

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Catch the Sun: New Garden Restaurants in Kathmandu
05 Dec 2016

New Garden Restaurants in Kathmandu

The temperatures are dropping in Kathmandu, so it’s important to soak up the warmth of the sunshine whenever you can. Below are three newly opened or reopened garden restaurants in town. They each have a unique feel, and all are sensational spots for dining in the sun, and then snuggling

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Farmer's Markets in Kathmandu
21 Nov 2016

Farmer’s Markets in Kathmandu

Whether you’re just passing through Kathmandu or living here, a Saturday or Sunday morning sampling goodies at a Kathmandu Farmer’s Market should be added to your itinerary. The Le Sherpa Farmer’s Market in Lazimpat is set out on a multi-tiered garden space, adjacent to the newly built Le Sherpa restaurant

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8 Tibetan Foods You Have to Try
20 Nov 2016

8 Tibetan Foods You Have to Try

A Tibetan food is mostly composed of dairy, meat, and a few grains. Rarely will you find fresh greens or vegetables. This makes sense as the environment is harsh, and few tender herbs will grow. However, the diet of meat, dairy, and grains is hearty and gives significant fortification after

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07 Nov 2016

5 Places Foodies Will Love in Kathmandu

Bricks Café Bricks Café serves some of the best wood-fired pizza in Kathmandu, as well as other international and Nepali dishes. Although the building was damaged in the earthquake of 2015, it underwent renovations and is now better than ever. The multi-story brick mansion and prayer-flag adorned gardens provide many

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17 Oct 2016

Momo Making (and Eating) in Nepal

I’ve hiked the Himalayas and I’ve dived in Malaysian waters, but the Momo cooking course in Nepal remains one of the most fun activities I’ve done while traveling. Sometimes we travel to escape the hustle and bustle of the daily rat race; sometimes it’s to embark on an exhilarating adventure,

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