Beautiful Nights and Luxury Hotels in Nepal
17 Jul 2018

Beautiful Boutique and Luxury Hotels in Nepal

With her rugged mountains and outstretched landscapes, Nepal lures travelers in search of adventure. But beyond trekking routes and warm cups of tea, the country is home to a fleet of luxury hotels, unique experiences, and hospitality services of the type you might encounter in more developed parts of the

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A Non-Hiker's Guide to Trekking to Gosaikunda
11 Jul 2018

A Non-Hiker’s Guide to Trekking to Gosaikunda

I’m not a hiker and I’ve never been ultra keen on the outdoors. You can imagine that leaves me a bit at odds with the typical crowd you find hanging around Kathmandu or anywhere in Nepal. But when in Rome, right? When some friends invited me to walk (or climb!)

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9 Reasons to Go on the Langtang Valley Trek
08 Jul 2018

8 Reasons to Go on the Langtang Valley Trek

The Langtang Valley trek used to be one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal, until the earthquake hit in 2015. Now, tourism is slowly coming back to the region. My Nepali friend encouraged me to go trekking in this area but I left it until my third visit

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The Australian Camp Hike from Pokhara
24 Jun 2018

The Australian Camp Hike from Pokhara

Pokhara is one of the most beautiful cities in Nepal – if not the most beautiful. The best part about Pokhara is that there are countless things to discover around it. It is so close to the Annapurnas that, on a clear day, you can distinguish the main peaks (except

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Same Same But Different: Religion in Nepal
20 Jun 2018

Same Same But Different: Religion in Nepal

The last few years I have been studying different aspects of religion in Nepal. During my fieldwork, the most common phrase I encountered when asking people about their religious faith was “same same but different”. This pretty much sums up the feelings of many Nepalis toward the two major religions

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Rainy Day Activities in Pokhara
17 Jun 2018

Rainy Day Activities in Pokhara

The monsoon season brings heavy rain to Pokhara, sending currents of murky water down streets and pouring into potholes. Side roads turn into small rivers, and locals hunker beneath awnings to wait for the rain to stop–or at least lighten up enough so they can go about their business. Rainstorms

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Beautiful Monasteries to Visit in Nepal
13 Jun 2018

Beautiful Monasteries in Kathmandu to Visit

Buddhist monasteries are a distinctive landmark across Nepal, and there are several beautiful monasteries in and around Kathmandu. Devout Buddhists visit monasteries daily for prayers, food and community. Visitors have also started to be interested in these monasteries, as they are architecturally marvelous, and often have expansive views over cities

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What You Need to Know About Visiting Mustang in Winter
10 Jun 2018

What You Need to Know About Visiting Upper Mustang in Winter

Mustang is a dream destination for many. Wide landscapes, mystic ancient monasteries and caves where monks are kept in hiding for years – Mustang has it all. Until 1992 it kept its borders closed, not allowing foreigners to enter the forbidden kingdom. Since then, tours to Upper Mustang are possible,

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Trek to Darchula and the Api Nampa Conservation Area
07 Jun 2018

Trek to Darchula and the Api Nampa Conservation Area

There I stood, on paths previously trod by the famed Limi salt traders, who ventured further north into Tibet, while staring a the riverbanks of the most western flank of Nepal, into what was once the territory of the Gurkha Kingdom.  Alone in this remote district of Nepal, I stared

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Chortens at Swayambhunath. Photo credit: chripell / Flickr
27 May 2018

Nepal’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pictures

Nepal is home to four UNESCO World Heritage sites. But, this number is actually misleading because one of these sites (the Kathmandu Valley) includes seven monument zones. Here are some images that reflect why these sites are considered so culturally and naturally important, not just to Nepal, but to the

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