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  • 08 August, 2019

On the Mohare Danda Trail

On the Mohare Danda Trail
The view from Mohare Danda. Photo by Vimal Thapa/RMT

A little bit up. A little bit down. A little bit over past that town. This is, in its simplest form, an explanation of what it is like to trek in Nepal. Not only are you walking a little bit up and a little bit down, but your emotions will also be up and down. The Community Eco-Lodge trek to the summit of Mohare Danda is no different. It’s all up, down and through the unique mountain towns. The Mohare Danda Community Eco-Lodge trek starts a few hours’ drive from Pokhara. The roads are rough; as you drive along the mountains peek out and mock you, daring you to try to climb them. 

The Mohare Danda trek is a perfect introduction to trekking for beginners. The altitudes are in the mid-range trek. There are some tough and long days of walking, but a hiker with moderate fitness won’t have too much trouble. Really, if you can put one foot in front of the other and drink water, you’ll be perfectly fine on this trek, although you will enjoy it so much more if you are physically prepared.

Mount Dhaulagiri. Photo by Vimal Thapa/RMT

Mount Dhaulagiri. Photo by Vimal Thapa/RMT

Some parts of the trail pass through more remote areas, while others pass through orange groves and farm land. My groups saw not one other hiker on the trek, not during the village stays or the hours along the trails. Yaks, buffalo, goats and friendly trail dogs were common. But not a single other tourist.

Along the trail you’ll stop in various villages, each offering community-run accommodation and dining. The rooms here are basic and vary between homestays and lodge-style accommodation. The villages each have a community dining hall. These are the only places to get your food in these villages, and the momos, hot masala chia and mushroom soup are especially good. All meals are vegetarian, and it’s easy to adapt them to vegan needs. An advantage of this trekking trail is that you don’t need to expect dal bhat for every meal.

The only stop along the way that isn’t a village is the summit at Mohare Danda. Here there is a community dining hall, complete with a fireplace to warm your toes, and some magnificent views. The accommodation here is lodge style, with double rooms, much like the other accommodation along the trek.

On the Mohare Danda Trail

Danda Kharka. Photo by Vimal Thapa/RMT

I’ve traveled to Nepal twice, trekked on two very different routes, and have seen wild tigers and rhinos in Chitwan. I can assure you that your time in Nepal will give you experiences that you will never forget. I urge anyone who is considering travelling to and trekking in Nepal to stop dreaming and start planning your Nepal adventure.

Length of time for the Mohare Danda trek: 4 nights, 5 days

The longest day is approx. 7 hours of trekking

The shortest but toughest day is the first, with about 3.5 hours of walking

Maximum altitude: 3,330 metres at Mohare Danda

Article by Jean Cheney

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