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The Nepali Man's Traditional Dress Explained
09 May 2018

The Nepali Man’s Traditional Dress Explained

Although Nepal is made up of many different cultures, there are a couple of items that most men across the country will wear at some time or another, perhaps even every day. Daura Suruwal Once the national dress, young men now only wear it on occasions such as weddings. But,

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Cho Oyu expedition. Photo: Dirk Groeger / Flickr
06 May 2018

On Mountain Climbing and the Himalayan Database

I spoke to Billi Bierling, German climber and major contributor to the Himalayan Database. The Database thoroughly chronicles those who have summited the Himalayan peaks from 1905-2018, utilizing details gathered from over 15,000 individual interviews. The creator of the database was the legendary Elizabeth Hawley, a close friend of Billi’s,

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On the Nepali Flag
03 May 2018

On the Nepali Flag

On August 23, 2014, almost 40,000 people congregated at the Tundikhel ground in Kathmandu to participate in a unique event. They were there at the call of an organization that hoped to create a new world record of sorts—making the largest national flag. Around 30,000 people in nearby Lahore, Pakistan

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Photo credit: Malmaison Hotels / Flickr
29 Apr 2018

The Top Spas in Kathmandu

After some extremely serious research over the past few years, I’ve compiled a list of the top contenders for the best massages, therapies and other treatments to keep the body and soul aglow through the ‘fairy dust’ that Kathmandu casts on her residents and visitors. Check ’em out! For a

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Help Clean Up Nepal: Take Out Your Trash
25 Apr 2018

Help Clean Up Nepal: Take Out Your Trash

As a child I often saw my mother pick up trash. It was a quiet action that showed me the importance of leaving a place better than I found it. I have picked up trash on beaches, mountains, and in cities for years, so I wasn’t surprised to see trash

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Snake ornamentation in a water tank. Photo: 
Peretz Partensky/Flickr
22 Apr 2018

Nag Panchami, When the Snakes Have Their Day

Nag Panchami (August 19) is a Hindu festival that worships Nag, the serpent king. Pictures of Nag are posted in doorways, and milk is the prime offering of the day. If you have a keen eye, you must have noticed that snakes are quite prevalent in many wood, metal, and

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The Rato Matsyendranath chariot. Photo: Elen Turner
18 Apr 2018

Patan’s Furious Sage: The Rato Matsyendranath Festival

There’s a festival held in Patan that goes on and on for one entire month–the Rato Mtsyendranath Festival. This year it will be held from May-June. It’s also a festival that has been the foreteller of some tragic events in the country’s history. The focal point of the festival is

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Dashain swing. Photo: socialtours nepal/Flickr
15 Apr 2018

Dashain, Nepal’s Biggest Festival

Dashain is the most important festival in Nepal. It is a celebration of good prevailing over evil. Families offer goats, ducks, chickens, eggs and coconuts to the goddess Durga. People return to their home villages to spend some or all of the fifteen-day festival with their families. Large swings are

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Photo: R4vi/Flickr
11 Apr 2018

The Janai Purnima Festival, or Rakshya Bandhan

The Hindu, Buddhist and Jain festival of Janai Purnima (also known as Rakhsya Bandhan) takes place on the full moon day of Shrawan. Janai refers to a sacred thread worn by men as they come of age, and purnima means the full moon. During this festival, Buddhists bathe in sacred

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Photo: socialtours nepal/Flickr
08 Apr 2018

The Story of the Gai Jatra Festival

Going by just the name, you might think that Gai Jatra (or the festival of the cows) it’s something like the ‘running of the bulls’ festival in Pamplona. Well, that is really far from the mark. Gai Jatra, held on August 27 this year, is actually an occasion to commemorate

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Around Dingboche. Photo: Paul/Flickr
05 Apr 2018

Living as an Honorary Sherpa in the Solukhumbu Region

Twenty years ago, my father made one last great trip before becoming a stay-at-home dad. I was then four years old and I don’t recall his absence. This final adventure was a hike to Gokyo Ri in the Everest region. Despite his determination, he got caught in a snow storm.

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Photo: Matt Zimmerman/Flickr
02 Apr 2018

Where to Take the Best Photos, Film & Selfies in Pokhara

The world is no stranger to Nepal’s natural beauty. Yet beyond stunning mountaintops and sweeping landscapes, Nepal’s urban centers bustle with markets, restaurants, music, and more. Perfect for idyllic photos and film backdrops. Once a quiet trekking town, Pokhara is now full of luxury hotels and trendy nightspots. Beyond the

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Mustang's Colourful Tiji Festival
30 Mar 2018

Mustang’s Colourful Tiji Festival

The Tiji Festival is the most auspicious festival in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. Ancient mythology relates how the Tiji Festival was celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. It is believed that what is now the Mustang region was in trouble, and was being destroyed by

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Photo: Vrindavan Lila/Flickr
28 Mar 2018

Celebrating Krishna, Most Flamboyant of the Gods

If you are here on September 2nd this year, you must visit Patan Durbar Square, for that is where you will see long lines of both young and old devotees queuing up in front of the Krishna Temple to wish Lord Krishna a very happy birthday. Actually, there are two

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Running the Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail
25 Mar 2018

Running the Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail

On a weekend in mid-March, I accomplished something that I never thought I’d be able to do: I ran the full length of the Kathmandu Valley Rim Trail essentially without stopping. This amounted to roughly 170-180km distance, with nearly 12,000 meters of elevation gain in a period of 38 hours.

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To the Back of Beyond: The Chepang Hills Trek
22 Mar 2018

To the Back of Beyond: The Chepang Hills Trek

About half way between Kathmandu and Pokhara, we got off the tourist bus at Hugdi. Adjusting our backpacks, my friend, our guide and I set off from the roadside up a narrow track that was to take us up to Hattibang. After walking a few hours up the narrow track,

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Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival Part 2
19 Mar 2018

Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival Part 2

We told you the first part of the Ghode Jatra festival story the other day, in Part 1. Are you ready for the second half? This terrifying demon was the legendary Gurumapa, whose stories were often told by elders to their children all over the valley. Scared, Kesh Chandra remained

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Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival, Part 1
16 Mar 2018

Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival, Part 1

On March 27 2018, the Tundikhel ground in central Kathmandu will reverberate to the thundering beat of many hooves, as a score and more magnificent steeds race one another. The skilled riders will demonstrate their excellent horsemanship by putting them through their paces and displaying some amazing feats. The occasion

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Culture & Tradition

World Heritage Sites in Tibet
28 Jun 2018

World Heritage Sites in Tibet

Tibet is home to three UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites, all in the capital city, Lhasa. These three places–the Potala Palace, the Norbulingka Palace, and the Jokhang Temple–are all fixtures on Tibet sightseeing itineraries, and are well-worth visiting. UNESCO states that “the beauty and originality of the architecture of these three

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Same Same But Different: Religion in Nepal
20 Jun 2018

Same Same But Different: Religion in Nepal

The last few years I have been studying different aspects of religion in Nepal. During my fieldwork, the most common phrase I encountered when asking people about their religious faith was “same same but different”. This pretty much sums up the feelings of many Nepalis toward the two major religions

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Beautiful Monasteries to Visit in Nepal
13 Jun 2018

Beautiful Monasteries in Kathmandu to Visit

Buddhist monasteries are a distinctive landmark across Nepal, and there are several beautiful monasteries in and around Kathmandu. Devout Buddhists visit monasteries daily for prayers, food and community. Visitors have also started to be interested in these monasteries, as they are architecturally marvelous, and often have expansive views over cities

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13 Nov 2016

One Everest Base Camp Trek is not Enough

Although the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is often called the most dangerous in the world, on a good day, when the weather is clear, this the nerve-wracking fact is easily forgotten. Coasting above verdant hills, winding dusty tracks, small scattered villages and through wisps of cloud vapour, the flight

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31 Oct 2016

A Conversation with Billi Bierling, Who Ascended Cho Oyo Without Oxygen

Billi Bierling tried to ascend Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world, in 1995. Heartbreakingly, after reaching Camp 2 at 7300m, her guide concluded that high altitude mountaineering just wasn’t for her. She thought so too, and turned around. Four years later, she summited Everest. Up until her

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Nilgiri and Rhododendrons
13 Oct 2016

Trek Among Blooming Rhododendrons in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan

Rhododendron in Nepal is known as Gurans; it is indigenous to the High Himalayas, and is also the national flower of Nepal. Indo-Burma and South Central China are considered biodiversity hotspots—that is, areas of high animal and plant diversity, but with high rates of habitat destruction. One group of plants

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