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  • 09 June, 2016

Places to buy high-quality trekking gear in Nepal

Places to buy high-quality trekking gear in Nepal

Many travellers arrive in Nepal with their bags full to the brim, already carrying everything they think they will need for their trekking or mountaineering excursion. And while it definitely is a good idea to bring your already well-worn-in trekking boots with you, or any special items that you can’t travel without, it’s certainly not necessary to buy everything before you arrive.

In Kathmandu and Pokhara you won’t be restricted to low-quality knock-off branded gear (although that is available if that’s what you want—just be warned that these items may not last the trek). These cities have high-quality outdoor adventure gear shops from international and Nepali retailers alike, which cater their offerings to Nepali’s conditions. Most sell similar, good-quality gear, although each brand has a slightly different focus and aesthetic, so by shopping around you should get exactly what you want.

Here are the best places to shop for trekking gear in Kathmandu. Most are located on Tridevi Sadak, the main road leading into Thamel, or the more upmarket Durbar Marg area.

  • Red Fox 


Location: Narayanhiti Path, Lal Durbar Marg

This Russian outdoor equipment brand has a relatively new store in Kathmandu. Red Fox leans slightly towards mountaineering rather than simple trekking, so it’s the ideal place to buy extreme weather jackets and overalls, as well as specialist equipment including tents and sleeping bags. A nice touch is that many of Red Fox’s products are named after places in Nepal.

  • Sherpa

Location: Narayanhiti Path, Lal Durbar Marg

This Sherpa-owned and Sherpa-run brand was founded in 2003, and makes 85% of its products in Nepal. Their aim is to increase that to 100%, as a way of contributing to the local economy and development. Sherpa sells everything from alpine climbing equipment to hand-knitted accessories.

  • North Face

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Location: Tridevi Sadak, Thamel

The popular brand offers a similar range of products in Nepal as elsewhere in the world, spanning the spectrum from comfy yoga pants to tents. The focus of the brand’s Nepal store is on outdoor clothing and trekking gear, rather than more specialist equipment.

  • Black Yak

Location: Tridevi Sadak, Thamel

This South Korean brand is unique in being a (non-Nepali) Asian adventure gear brand available in Kathmandu, and for that reason is popular with many international tourists from other Asian countries. Its distinctive Himalayan yak logo was inspired by the owners’ trips to Nepal, and the brand stands out from many others for having very vibrantly coloured clothes.

Other international and Nepali brands with branches in Kathmandu that sell similar gear include: Mountain Hardwear, Sonam, Everest Hard Wear, Mammut and Salewa.


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Hi there 🙂

Thanks for the usefull info.

Im going to Nepal in march 2018 and will do a few treks. Im from Denmark, but have been living in Thailand almost 5 years. So its not long pants and jackets i got in my closet. I guess ill do my shopping in Kathmandu as its really difficould to buy winter- and/or Trekking clothes in Thailand. They do have some – but not much and “always” the wrong sizes.

Have a nice day

Best regards,


any online websites for those will be much helpful

I personally prefer Best Brands for Shoes , Backpacks and Trekking poles and Outer Shell , as per my market study in Pokhara there many Dealers of Different International Brands Located , but their Prices Like for European only. Where in Amazon.com they offering Osprey Atmos 65 AG at the price tag of 160$ to 250$ , Sherpa Offered me at 18,840 INR. Which means almost 300$ , That’s almost same price tag of Gregory Baltoro 65, I think they are willing to make 200% profit over a product as their main Customers may be from Europe. As I am from India and not possible to buy everything from America or England every time , i was Trying for the Distributor of Nepal but really disappointed with their pricing.

How about buying local brand gear and clothing?and copy brand clothing and gear ,Are they good enough for trekking?Have you searched about low prices clothing and gear supplier in nepal?

Thanks for posting. I would be going on a trek in Nepal next month so this is going to be really useful to me.

Glad to be of help! I hope you have a good time.

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