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  • 24 January, 2020

Style and Substance at Hotel Traditional Comfort

Style and Substance at Hotel Traditional Comfort

Traditional Comfort, as the name aptly suggests, offers a high-quality, comfortable hotel experience within a traditional setting. Located in downtown Kathmandu, it is close to Thamel, the main tourist district, yet far enough away to feel like a peaceful haven, where you can get a restful night’s sleep.

Traditional Comfort is purpose built, with feature work nodding to Kathmandu’s Newari heritage. The decorative, wooden beams throughout the hotel have been hand carved by traditional craftspeople from Patan and Bungamati, as have the bronze fixtures in the reception area and the roof. The reception area also features hand painted scenes of local life directly on the walls. Guests can get a close look at the ankhi-jyaal windows, seen in many temples in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhakatpur, and marvel at the patterns they create as the light plays through them. These details really make your stay at Traditional Comfort something special. You are staying amongst handcrafted pieces of art. Most of the furniture are bespoke items, made by hand by local craftspeople, using repurposed wood. You almost feel as though you are in a museum, were it not for all the modern comforts that abound. 

Style and Substance at Hotel Traditional Comfort
Carved wooden screens. Photo by Hannah Straw

You can enjoy the dynamic Kathmandu skyline from the rooftop – watch the sun dip behind the rim of the hills encircling Kathmandu valley while enjoying sundowners from the rooftop bar. Surrounded by plants and flowers, among Newari wood and stonework, you can almost feel as though you are in a historical courtyard, although you are above the chaos of Kathmandu below. There is also an elegant indoor sitting area on the 4th floor where you can cozy up in a real homely atmosphere, reading a book (the book shelf is well stocked) or just enjoying the ambiance of the sunny sitting room, fitted with traditional-style windows. 

Style and Substance at Hotel Traditional Comfort
The rooftop terrace. Photo by Hannah Straw

High-quality ingredients are used to prepare delicious meals in the hotel’s restaurant. The restaurant offers a range of dishes from around the world, from comfort food such as burgers to expertly-cooked traditional Nepali thali. Even standard classics like oat porridge are delicious, prepared with highest quality ingredients and with care and expertise. 

The rooms have large, comfortable beds and are spacious and airy. Bed linen is manufactured by a local women’s cooperative. The bathroom features unique handcrafted tiles, made by local artisans. Toiletries are provided in re-fillable, wooden bottles, so you should have no guilt about unwrapping a new soap, knowing it will be thrown away after your stay. Indeed, environmental sustainability is a huge focus of Traditional Comfort. Despite being in the centre of the city, the management prides itself on utilising solar energy as much as possible. All the lights and computers in the hotel are powered entirely by solar energy. Much of the hot water is also heated using solar energy, although there is a backup ensuring sufficient hot water if needed. The hotel uses its own branded stationary, but this stationary is made from recycled newspapers. Efforts have been made to completely remove plastic from the hotel.  The hotel was awarded the Travellife Gold Certificate for Sustainability in 2018, making it an ideal choice for tourists who do care about the environment but don’t want to compromise the quality of their stay. 

Should you want to venture outside the hotel, you will quickly find yourself in the heart of Kathmandu. A stroll around the main streets close to the hotel will reveal a sample of Kathmandu’s eclectic architecture. You’re a short walk away from the Palace Museum and Kamal Pokhari, as well as the main tourist district of Thamel. Excellent restaurants are just around the corner in Durbar Marg. If all this information is a little bewildering then don’t worry – the hotel’s key card is integrated into a map which lists the locations of all the main tourist attractions relative to the hotel. 

Traditional Comfort is an ideal choice for guests who want to be close to the main sights of Kathmandu, yet want a peaceful stay spiced with authenticity, beauty and sustainability. 

Article by Hannah Straw.

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