Important Things to Know Before you Travel to Bhutan
02 Jul 2019

Important Things to Know Before you Travel to Bhutan

As travelers learn more about the Kingdom of Bhutan, the country finds itself atop many a travel bucket list. It’s unlike any other place on earth, and is certainly worth visiting. Its Himalayan vistas, ornate monasteries and well-preserved culture rightfully attract intrepid travelers from around the world. However, its very

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How to Visit Bhutan on a Shoestring
26 Dec 2018

How to Visit Bhutan on a Shoestring

Bhutan is a fascinatingly preserved frontier of culture. Restricted and protected, it offers a superbly enlightening experience even for travelers with much experience in the Himalaya. Although it’s a notoriously expensive place to visit because you must book an approved tour, you do not need to spend much time (and

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Bhutan's Proposed World Heritage Sites
31 Aug 2018

Bhutan’s Tentative World Heritage Sites

Despite being a naturally and culturally very beautiful country, Bhutan does not yet have any UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, eight sites appear on the ‘Tentative List’, which means that a number of criteria need to be met before they can become fully fledged World Heritage Sites. Here’s a look

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An Introduction to Bhutanese Food
31 May 2018

An Introduction to Bhutanese Food

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is a world unto itself, and the food from the country is a strong part of that world. Though Bhutan serves a variety of cuisines–such as Indian, Tibetan, Nepali and Chinese–for travelers seeking somewhat familiar tastes, the country’s own food is as delicious as it

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Local Homestay in Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon
05 Jul 2017

Local Homestay in Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon

Our trip around the Kingdom of Bhutan was marked by unusual cultural experiences, best described as ‘authentic’, despite this word being overused in the travel industry. The obscure, little-explored Kingdom nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, famous for giving priority to Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product, is

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The Stunning Portraits Show the Cultural Diversity of the Himalayas
23 Mar 2017

Stunning Portraits that Show the Cultural Diversity of the Himalayas

The Himalayas are an enormous mountain chain that spread from Pakistan in the west, to Bhutan in the east, as well as encompassing Nepal, parts of Tibet and several states of India. So while there is some cultural similarity between the peoples living in this region, there are also lots

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Places in Central Bhutan that You Can't Miss
24 Jan 2017

Places in Central Bhutan You Can’t Miss

While most travelers to Bhutan visit the capital city Thimpu and Paro (known for the Tiger’s Nest monastery), Bhutan offers much more if you have a bit longer. Many travelers skip Central Bhutan (either due to lack of time or because of the poor road conditions), but this is a

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06 Dec 2016

Trek to Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan

Perched in the hills to the north of Paro in Bhutan is a complex of white, fortress-like walls topped by wide, flat roofs that look like fans spread out to hold everything steady. Through the morning mist it seems as if it can only be magic preventing the whole structure

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Photo; Piet Van Der Poel
11 Apr 2015

Cycling in Bhutan

The first known bicycle in Thimphu was a Hong Kong made Raleigh racing bike, imported around 1971 by Prince Namgyel, then Minister of Trade, Industry and Forests, who wanted to set a good example and cycle to work. Back in 1993 when I first arrived in Bhutan, bicycles were rare

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Tiger's Nest Bhutan
11 Jan 2012

Nature at its best – Bhutan

This small kingdom is one of the world’s last remaining Shangri-La’s. The country has effectively and courageously combated the ill-effects of rampant globalization and today stands at the forefront of nations active in the preservation of nature’s bounties. Yes, Bhutan is bountiful in natural beauty and rich in culture and

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