Bhutan's Proposed World Heritage Sites
31 Aug 2018

Bhutan’s Tentative World Heritage Sites

Despite being a naturally and culturally very beautiful country, Bhutan does not yet have any UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, eight sites appear on the ‘Tentative List’, which means that a number of criteria need to be met before they can become fully fledged World Heritage Sites. Here’s a look

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Same Same But Different: Religion in Nepal
20 Jun 2018

Same Same But Different: Religion in Nepal

The last few years I have been studying different aspects of religion in Nepal. During my fieldwork, the most common phrase I encountered when asking people about their religious faith was “same same but different”. This pretty much sums up the feelings of many Nepalis toward the two major religions

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Understanding Buddhism in the Himalayas
16 Jan 2018

Understanding Buddhism in the Himalayas

Regardless of one’s beliefs, the plethora of monuments, temples, statues and spiritual imagery representative of Buddhism in the Himalayas have a special attraction that locals and visitors alike feel while walking through remote villages, valleys, and ridges. It seems that wherever one looks, shrines, mantra stones, prayer flags, and other

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21 Oct 2016

Painting my own Thanka

Thanka was the first thing I saw for the very first time I visited Nepal. I thought they were computer generated images. I didn’t pay them much attention. So uniform and exact, the lines were perfectly straight and the curves so consistent. Then I saw a lady painting one in

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