The Annapurna Circuit on Two Wheels
22 Jul 2019

The Annapurna Circuit on Two Wheels

“Alright, 50 more steps and then you can rest. 1, 2, 3…” For the past 4 hours, my thoughts have been dominated by counting my steps and controlling my breathing. Every time my legs get too tired to go further, I pause, look around, and enjoy the view. The sun

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Beas River
18 Apr 2017

Pushing Through Pain While Cycling in Himachal Pradesh

“It’s time to let the brakes off, but hold onto them tightly,” instructed my local guide as we neared the top of the 3,200 metre Jalori Pass. I was confused by the paradoxical instruction. It sounded as if I was about to perform a Mission Impossible-esque stunt. His words echoed

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03 Jan 2017

Cycling through the Villages of Chitwan

Sauraha is many travellers’ base while staying around Chitwan National Park, but lesser known are the other activities you can do in the area, besides jungle safaris. During an average two or three-day stay in Sauraha, you can easily rent a bike and cycle among the nearby Tharu villages. It’s

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Photo: Piet Van Der Poet
14 Apr 2015

Cycling from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Lhasa to Kathmandu is an epic 1,100 kilometer journey, but more so if you power your own way across the high plateau and across even higher passes. It may be a bit easier nowadays with more black-topped roads. We had the advantage of an organized trip with a truck to

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Photo; Piet Van Der Poel
11 Apr 2015

Cycling in Bhutan

The first known bicycle in Thimphu was a Hong Kong made Raleigh racing bike, imported around 1971 by Prince Namgyel, then Minister of Trade, Industry and Forests, who wanted to set a good example and cycle to work. Back in 1993 when I first arrived in Bhutan, bicycles were rare

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