The Easy Route to Tengboche... by Helicopter
09 Jun 2019

The Easy Route to Tengboche… by Helicopter

A red-faced woman came breathlessly around the corner and was obviously stunned at the sight of me. “How did you get up here? In heels?” Fair enough, we were at nearly 4,000 metres above sea level in the Himalayas after all. Whereas she had taken the energetic and admirable way

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Tips for Tackling the Everest Base Camp Trek
20 Aug 2017

Tips for Tackling the Everest Base Camp Trek

The Everest Base Camp trek is a classic, and for good reason: the landscape is stunning, the wildlife is unlike any that you’ll find in most other places, the infrastructure is good (meaning you will be well fed and rested), and the culture along the way is fascinating. It is

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Himalayan range, Everest region. Photo: Tashi Sherpa
08 Apr 2016

The Nepal Himalayas

It is the greatest mountain chain in the world. It is the majestic Himalayas (Abode of Snow House). It stretches over some 3,500 km and covers about 1,000,000 sq km of surface area between Afghanistan and South China. Approximately 800 km of the Himalayas is in Nepal, including eight of

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