Hike to the Gorkha Durbar
09 Feb 2017

Hike to the Gorkha Durbar

Gorkha is situated in the Middle Hills countryside, just 24 kilometers from the Prithvi Highway connecting Kathmandu and Pokhara. If you don’t want to rush through the historic villages and ancient temples of this region, you may choose a one day stopover, change buses at Abu Khaireni and head north

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Photo: Denis Oliver Poulet
15 Apr 2015

Hidden Valley of Happiness – Tsum Valley

One of the less well-know and more recently opened up areas for trekking is the Tsum Valley. It has been only open to visitors in the last five years. This enchanted valley is a beautiful and sacred pilgrimage site located in northern Gorkha, and is often included as part of

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