Adventures in Northern Sikkim
03 Jun 2019

Adventures in Northern Sikkim

Standing in the lobby of our hotel in Gangtok, we wondered whether it was really safe to go north. Should we really go ahead with our plan and try to visit Lachung and Yumthang? Just two days earlier, north Sikkim had received such heavy snowfall that routes were impassable. The

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Himalayan range, Everest region. Photo: Tashi Sherpa
08 Apr 2016

The Nepal Himalayas

It is the greatest mountain chain in the world. It is the majestic Himalayas (Abode of Snow House). It stretches over some 3,500 km and covers about 1,000,000 sq km of surface area between Afghanistan and South China. Approximately 800 km of the Himalayas is in Nepal, including eight of

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05 May 2014

Yarsagumba — The “Miracle” Mushroom

With the melting of the snows in the Himalayas, hordes of villagers of Nepal’s far western region trek up to the alpine pastures near the towering Himalayan peaks where they pitch camp for an extended stay of almost eight weeks, braving the cold and harsh environment.  They spend their days

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