The Road to Jomsom
19 Feb 2018

The Road to Jomsom

Walking the trails is one thing; riding a bus down through them is something entirely different. Along certain points on the Annapurna Circuit, a well-traveled trekking route, buses carry hikers and locals to their destinations. Jomsom is an important stop. Coffee shops, restaurants and guesthouses line its single street, catering

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The centuries old Kagbeni Palace, now a private residence. Photo Elen Turner
02 Nov 2017

Lower Mustang, a Land of Lamas and Buddhism

“Kag, I was later to discover, had in the past been an important fortress town, one of the most advanced bastions of the Kingdom of Mustang. The sight of it showed that we had now left behind all contact with the Nepalese Hindu world and had entered the land of

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16 Apr 2017

9 Reasons to Travel to Lower Mustang this Season

The Mustang region of Nepal was once an isolated and independent Tibetan kingdom. Now part of Nepal, it nevertheless retains a rugged and mystical reputation. Divided into Lower and Upper, these different parts of Mustang are connected yet also quite different. They offer different attractions for the visitor, in terms

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