World Heritage Sites in Tibet
28 Jun 2018

World Heritage Sites in Tibet

Tibet is home to three UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites, all in the capital city, Lhasa. These three places–the Potala Palace, the Norbulingka Palace, and the Jokhang Temple–are all fixtures on Tibet sightseeing itineraries, and are well-worth visiting. UNESCO states that “the beauty and originality of the architecture of these three

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The Monastery Circuit of Tibet
04 Jun 2017

What to Expect When Travelling to Tibet

Travelling to Tibet is different. Even the most confident solo traveller will have to accept that independent travel here is not possible. The Chinese Government—which rules Tibet—restricts where tourists can travel, and how they can do it. But as a long-time independent traveller (oftentimes solo), I must admit it was

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Travelling to Tibet by Train
02 May 2017

Travelling to Tibet by Train

Altitude sickness is not fun and can be very dangerous. Visitors to Tibet need to be concerned about the changes in altitude they will encounter. One of the easiest ways to adjust to the higher altitude is to arrive in Tibet by train. Not only do you reduce your chances

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25 Nov 2016

7 Amazing Things to See and Do in Lhasa

All tours to Tibet include several days in the capital city, Lhasa. Because the city is so high (at 3656 metres), it’s necessary to stay there for a little while before travelling around the region to help with acclimatisation. It’s a good thing there are so many things to see

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