Why You Need to Visit Manang
20 Oct 2018

Why You Need to Visit Manang

The Himalayas conjure images of myth and mysticism. If one place were to embody all of this, that place would be Manang. Perched into cliffs rising 3518 metres above sea level, Manang is set north of the Annapurna Range. A winding, treacherous road leads into the settlement, a path once

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The Best of Nepal in Pisang, in the Annapurnas
28 Dec 2017

The Best of Nepal in Pisang

Some villages along the Annapurna Circuit are passed through quickly by trekkers. Kalopani and Lete, Ghasa, and Pisang aren’t usually considered “main stopping points” by visitors and guides. This is a mistake. A big one. It is in these smaller posts where hospitality is most welcoming, families are kind, and

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Manang, the Jewel of the Annapurna Circuit
25 Sep 2017

Manang, the Jewel of the Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit is rated as one of the most beautiful treks in the world, and with good reason. The scenery is some of the most diverse you will find on a trek. Walking the Annapurna Circuit will give you row seats to some of the most impressive snowy Himalayan

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17 Nov 2016

Tilicho Lake Trek: Highest Lake in Nepal

The plan was to climb up to Tilicho Lake – the highest lake in Nepal (4,920m) the morning after. Tilicho Lake is well known for its outstanding beauty and after many days walking I was so excited to be there! In October 2015 I set off for the Tilicho lake

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