Attempting Yala Trekking Peak
07 Dec 2018

Attempting Yala Trekking Peak

For mountaineers, being in Nepal feels like being a kid in a candy shop. The only problem is that climbing mountains in Nepal is expensive. The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) classifies peaks into “trekking peaks” and “expedition peaks”. For both categories there is a lot of paperwork to be completed,

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Cho Oyu expedition. Photo: Dirk Groeger / Flickr
06 May 2018

On Mountain Climbing and the Himalayan Database

I spoke to Billi Bierling, German climber and major contributor to the Himalayan Database. The Database thoroughly chronicles those who have summited the Himalayan peaks from 1905-2018, utilizing details gathered from over 15,000 individual interviews. The creator of the database was the legendary Elizabeth Hawley, a close friend of Billi’s,

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Ice Climbing and Winter Adventures in the Annapurnas
09 Feb 2018

Ice Climbing and Winter Adventures in the Annapurnas

Planning a mountain trip in the middle of winter can be difficult; temperatures are cold, snowfall can cause other risks, there are limited transportation options to get deeper into the mountains, and in some smaller places, there are no tea houses open because families have left the mountains during the

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Respecting Annapurna and its History
13 Aug 2017

Respecting Annapurna and its History

It seems almost everyone knows at least a piece of the history of mountaineering on Everest. Whether it’s having seen a movie about it, reading Into Thin Air, or just hearing stories about the 200+ deaths on the peak, Everest teaches us that climbing can be dangerous. But Everest is

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