Wildlife in the Himalayas You Might See
23 Aug 2017

Wildlife in the Himalayas You Might See

A major attraction of travelling in the Himalayas is encountering unique wildlife. From colourful birds to elusive big cats, you can’t see these animals at home, outside a zoo. Read on for information on wildlife in the Himalayas you can expect to see, and where to spot these beautiful creatures.

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Tiger's Nest Bhutan
11 Jan 2012

Nature at its best – Bhutan

This small kingdom is one of the world’s last remaining Shangri-La’s. The country has effectively and courageously combated the ill-effects of rampant globalization and today stands at the forefront of nations active in the preservation of nature’s bounties. Yes, Bhutan is bountiful in natural beauty and rich in culture and

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