The Shortcut to Kopra Danda
16 Sep 2019

The Shortcut to Kopra Danda

Trekkers in Nepal who don’t have the luxury of time—or the luxury of a budget that allows them to charter a helicopter deep into the mountains—have many options for shorter Himalayan treks that get right into the mountains and off the beaten path. However, finding information on these can be

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What Camping in the Himalayas is Really Like
29 May 2019

What Camping in the Himalayas is Really Like

The grass was warmed by the gentle sun; the pasture was open before us. Some wild horses stopped for a few seconds to check us out. I guess we didn’t seem to present any danger to them as they continued their relaxed feast. Some wild yaks crossed the river a little

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What it's Like to Do the Annapurna Base Camp Trek in 6 Days
23 Nov 2018

What it’s Like to Do the Annapurna Base Camp Trek in 6 Days

My muscles were burning, my bag twice as heavy as it should have been, my energy so low I could barely take another step. But I was happy. In my first week in Nepal, I did the Annapurna Base Camp trek (ABC) in six days. This is very challenging. Walking

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Peace and Solitude on the Dudh Kunda Trek
19 Dec 2017

Peace and Solitude on the Dudh Kunda Trek

Have you ever stood at 4600 meters, face-to-face with an enormous mountain, a beautiful lake, the blue sky and listened to… silence? This was our reward after a challenging trek from Jiri all the way to Dudh Kunda (4600 meters). The Dudh Kunda trek is one of the lesser known

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Momentum and Memories on the Langtang Trek
08 Nov 2017

Momentum and Memories on the Langtang Trek

On April 25, 2015, a massive wall of ice and rock tore through Langtang Village after the earthquake struck. The immense force of the landslide even flattened trees on the opposite side of the valley. The landslide left a rough, grey scar on the land; now a reminder of the

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Mountain Landscape in Himalaya. Piramid of stones. Annapurna South peak, Hiun Chuli, Nepal, Mardi Himal track.
25 Oct 2017

The Mardi Himal Trek

The Annapurna range in central Nepal is home to some of the world’s most iconic mountain landscapes and crisscrossed by some of the country’s most popular trekking routes. For those looking for a less-travelled and gentler glimpse of this spectacular terrain, the 4-5 day Mardi Himal trek is perfect. Slightly

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16 Apr 2017

9 Reasons to Travel to Lower Mustang this Season

The Mustang region of Nepal was once an isolated and independent Tibetan kingdom. Now part of Nepal, it nevertheless retains a rugged and mystical reputation. Divided into Lower and Upper, these different parts of Mustang are connected yet also quite different. They offer different attractions for the visitor, in terms

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Mohare Dnada, highest point on Annapurna Community Trek.
04 May 2016

Why you’ll love the accommodation on the Annapurna Community Trek

Nepal is renowned as an excellent trekking destination partly because of the abundance and quality of accommodation available to trekkers. ‘Teahouse trekking’ is a household name that practically defines trekking in Nepal, and ‘teahouses’ refers to the simple, locally run lodges that can be found along popular trekking routes. While

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