The Fascinating Story of Palpali Dhaka Cloth
16 Sep 2018

The Fascinating Story of Palpali Dhaka Cloth

The next time you walk around the alleys of the Kathmandu Valley in the early morning, keep an eye out for a ubiquitous item of clothing for Nepali womenfolk. Both the Nepali topi (cap) worn by men and the shawls typically worn by many Nepali women are made of a

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The Nepali Man's Traditional Dress Explained
09 May 2018

The Nepali Man’s Traditional Dress Explained

Although Nepal is made up of many different cultures, there are a couple of items that most men across the country will wear at some time or another, perhaps even every day. Daura Suruwal Once the national dress, young men now only wear it on occasions such as weddings. But,

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