The Story of Patan's Bhoto Jatra
25 Jun 2019

The Story of Patan’s Bhoto Jatra

Nepal is one of my favourite destinations for spiritual journeys. The Himalayan country, full of sacred sites, is a centre of love, peace, and serenity. It’s also a land of age-old myths and traditions. Even today these myths and traditions are deep-rooted in the culture of the Nepali people. During my

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Bungamati, An Overlooked Hub of Newari Culture
16 Oct 2018

Bungamati, An Overlooked Hub of Newari Culture

Bungamati is an historical village in the south of the Kathmandu Valley. It is easily accessible from Patan by bus (from Lagankel bus station), taxi, or even by walking or bicycle. You cross the Ring Road and follow the main road through Nakkhu and Baisepati. For those with more time

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The Rato Matsyendranath chariot. Photo: Elen Turner
18 Apr 2018

Patan’s Furious Sage: The Rato Matsyendranath Festival

There’s a festival held in Patan that goes on and on for one entire month–the Rato Mtsyendranath Festival. This year it will be held from May-June. It’s also a festival that has been the foreteller of some tragic events in the country’s history. The focal point of the festival is

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