Cooking Up a Storm at the Patan Community Homestay
15 Nov 2018

Cooking Up a Storm at the Patan Community Homestay

When we arrived at our homestay in Patan, our host-mom greeted us with a smile and a gentle handshake as we said “Namaste.” We protested against her helping us with our bags, but she just smiled and said, “Nepali women are strong!” I laughed as she led us through her

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Discovering Kirtipur
13 Feb 2018

Discovering Kirtipur

I stare at the blurry white liquid in my cup with wonder: THIS is beer? My grandfather used to make his own wine from the grapes in his backyard. He loved doing that but had no knowledge of what a good wine is. The result was something rather sour and

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16 Oct 2016

Feeling peckish?

Here are a few personal favourite restaurants in Kathmandu, and in around Thamel. Whether you want dal bhat or local Newari dishes, or fancy something from elsewhere in the world, Kathmandu has a wide choice of cuisines. Cafe Chikusa, Jyatha, Thamel My favourite cafe, this Japanese partnership offer the best

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Newari Food Platter. Photo: Sudeep Singh
05 May 2015

Must try food when in Nepal

Attending a traditional Newari feast (lapate bhoye) in Kathmandu is one of the best ways to try Newari food. In fact, the Newar cuisine is famed in the country for its range of different dishes. At a lapate bhoye, all the guests sit on long, narrow straw mats (sukuls) facing

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