The Fascinating Story of Palpali Dhaka Cloth
16 Sep 2018

The Fascinating Story of Palpali Dhaka Cloth

The next time you walk around the alleys of the Kathmandu Valley in the early morning, keep an eye out for a ubiquitous item of clothing for Nepali womenfolk. Both the Nepali topi (cap) worn by men and the shawls typically worn by many Nepali women are made of a

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13 Apr 2017

Exploring Tansen and Around

Tansen, in Palpa District, is situated atop a crest in the Lesser Himalayas, on the highway connecting Lumbini and Pokhara. You may choose to stop for a while in Tansen if you want to better understand different regions of Nepal. This way you experience a gradual transition between the subtropical

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