Photo: Lukas Steingässer
14 Oct 2017

The Hike to Panchase

While staying in Pokhara, I got talking to Albert, who had been living in Pokhara for five years. After asking him what his favorite place in the surrounding area was, he told me about Panchase. This was reason enough for me to give the hike to Panchase a try. If

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A Solo Woman's Hike to Panchase, Nepal
13 Mar 2017

A Solo Woman’s Hike to Panchase, Nepal

Four girls with black, red-ribboned braids, collared white shirts, pleated navy skirts, and oversized pink backpacks asked me: “Where are you going?” “Panchase,” I answered, pointing up the dusty road we were on. “This way?” “Yeeeees,” they said giggling, braids twirling. “Where are you from?” “California. But I’m staying at

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