How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Nepal
20 Sep 2017

How to Avoid Food Poisoning in Nepal

The excitement of visiting developing countries has a major downside: the potential for food poisoning. Let’s face it, it’s much more fun to explore local markets or drink in mountain vistas than being doubled over the toilet! I am all too familiar with the latter scenario due to a very

Inside Himalayas 2
Photo: anoldent/Flickr
23 May 2017

How to Train for Trekking

I pause several thousand stairs up for a drink of water.  Ahead of me, the steps continue to spread upward. My thighs burn. My breath is hard and fast, but as I sip my water it quickly slows. I’m ready to go again. Many people worry that they are not

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18 Oct 2016

Staying Healthy While Trekking in the Himalayas

My original Asian itinerary didn’t include Nepal. I only went to the beautiful country to renew my Indian visa. I’m so glad I did–despite the beating my body took in the Himalayas. I wasn’t prepared for the activities I chose to do in Nepal. As the old adage goes, you

Inside Himalayas 2