A Senior Traveller's Guide to Tibet
07 May 2017

A Senior Traveller’s Guide to Tibet

“You want to go where?!” “I want to go to Tibet.” “How old are you?” “I am seventy years old.” I had such conversations often before travelling to Tibet. Everyone has heard of Tibet, but few know much about this gem of a destination. A trip to Tibet requires time,

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Travelling to Tibet by Train
02 May 2017

Travelling to Tibet by Train

Altitude sickness is not fun and can be very dangerous. Visitors to Tibet need to be concerned about the changes in altitude they will encounter. One of the easiest ways to adjust to the higher altitude is to arrive in Tibet by train. Not only do you reduce your chances

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20 Dec 2016

The Monastery Circuit of Tibet

One of the main attractions of visiting Tibet is touring the region’s beautiful monasteries. While many thousand were destroyed during China’s Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, and countless priceless artefacts lost, a number did survive. Plus, many more have been restored to some degree since. Each monastery is unique in

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Everest Base Camp: Nepal vs. Tibet
07 Dec 2016

Everest Base Camp: Nepal vs. Tibet

After returning from my first trip to Nepal several years ago, I asked my six year-old nephew if he knew where I’d just been. I gave him a hint: “It’s where Mount Everest is.” He was a smart boy, so I knew he would get it. “Tibet!” he announced, proudly.

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25 Nov 2016

7 Amazing Things to See and Do in Lhasa

All tours to Tibet include several days in the capital city, Lhasa. Because the city is so high (at 3656 metres), it’s necessary to stay there for a little while before travelling around the region to help with acclimatisation. It’s a good thing there are so many things to see

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8 Tibetan Foods You Have to Try
20 Nov 2016

8 Tibetan Foods You Have to Try

A Tibetan food is mostly composed of dairy, meat, and a few grains. Rarely will you find fresh greens or vegetables. This makes sense as the environment is harsh, and few tender herbs will grow. However, the diet of meat, dairy, and grains is hearty and gives significant fortification after

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16 Nov 2016

Packing Tips for Tibet

Travel in Tibet is different to travel in many other places, especially if you are used to independent travel. You have to travel with a tour guide, as independent travel in the region is not permitted. This means that even if you’re an excellent packer, you might need to rethink

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19 Oct 2016

Trekking in Tibet

Trekking in Tibet offers you the opportunity to explore an incredible landscape and catch a glimpse of an ancient lifestyle. It is a fantastic experience and quite different to trekking in Nepal. The landscape does not come well-equipped with conveniently-spaced tea house accommodation, nor a ready supply of people waiting

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Photo: Piet Van Der Poet
14 Apr 2015

Cycling from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Lhasa to Kathmandu is an epic 1,100 kilometer journey, but more so if you power your own way across the high plateau and across even higher passes. It may be a bit easier nowadays with more black-topped roads. We had the advantage of an organized trip with a truck to

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Photo: Tashi Sherpa
13 Apr 2015

Trekking in Tibet: Some of the basics

The name Tibet conjures up exotic images of mountain passes, traditional villages and a simple, more spiritual way of life. As a region it has attained almost mythical status among travellers, partly due to the difficulties involved in reaching this remote plateau and partly due to the fantastic experiences that

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