True Adventure on the Trisuli River

I have to admit: until last year I was not interested in white-water rafting in Nepal. I have done tours in Europe and have even worked as a white-water kayaking teacher myself. But I did not think I would really enjoy a trip on the river here. What changed my mind? My 17 year old brother came to visit and I wanted to do something cool and exciting with him. After two weeks of hiking and visiting temples and stupas. I felt like I had to offer him a true adrenalin kick, or something like that. We only had one day, so researching a great opportunity that arose was a day tour to the Trisuli River. It is easy to reach and raftable all year round. Although of course the water levels differ a lot depending on the season.

We started our journey early in the morning on a tourist bus from Kantipath with a couple of other participants. After around three hours, we got to the starting point and changed into our gear: shorts, t-shirt, sandals, lifejacket and a helmet. I didn’t expect too much excitement, as the river looked tame from the bus, but nevertheless decided to give my glasses to the guide to keep them safe. And boy am I glad that I did!

True Adventure on the Trisuli River

A beach camp on the Trisuli River. Photo: Elen Turner

What followed were three hours of pure adrenaline. I was not at all prepare for the amount of water that flew down this river. The power and size of the waves was incredible. I really had to hold on to my paddle not to lose it due to the power of waves. As my brother and I was the only customers on the raft, and the rest of the team consist of guides in training, we always took the more difficult route through the rapids, so absolutely got the most out of the trip.

In every break in between rapids, my brother and I looked at each other in disbelief. Although this was his first rafting trip, he had done plenty of white-water kayaking, but neither of us had never experienced anything like this in Europe.

After around three hours of being tossed around in the water and having great fun, we arrived at the camp where we had a delicious lunch. As we only had one day, we had to return to Kathmandu that same afternoon, but the others stayed in tents by the river and the camp looked very welcoming. On the way back, we made a promise to each other: we will do this again!

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Eva Wieners

Eva Wieners

Eva Wieners is a freelance writer from Germany. She has been living in Nepal since 2012 and has been working on her PhD ever since. Travelling is her passion and she spends every free minute adventouring Nepal and the world with her 6 year old daughter.

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