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  • 05 May, 2022

Yoga and meditation centers in Lumbini

Yoga and meditation centers in Lumbini

Located in the Nepalese Terai and bordering India, the sacred ground of Lumbini is made up of lush gardens, ponds, light forests, wetlands, and rivers. Siddhartha Gautama – known as the Enlightened One (the Buddha), was born here in the 7th century B.C. After gaining supreme enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, he taught the Dhamma of freedom from suffering, hence Lumbini’s importance to Buddhists and peace-seeking people.

Lumbini was developed into an important park dedicated to spiritual pilgrimage, historical research, and cultural preservation. Nations around the world build temples and havens for Buddhists of all denominations. The Monastic zone in Lumbini currently has over 30 monasteries and meditation centers from the Mahayana and Theravada schools of Buddhism.

All photos: Iuliana Marchian

1. Panditarama Lumbini Vipassana Meditation Center

Facing the water channel and close to the Sacred Pond, this meditation center is immersed in a green forest, amidst chirping birds, water ponds with floating lilies, and pink rhododendron. The motto of the Vipassana center is to teach people how to meditate and observe their thoughts and physical sensations, purify the mind and thus contribute to peace in the world.

The center encourages long-term meditation practice. There is plenty of accommodation in this regard and several gardens where you can connect with nature and practice silence. The minimum length of a residential retreat at the center is seven days. You will be able to meditate during the day and attend the evening Dhamma talks, following the center’s daily meditation schedule and rules.

2. Dhamma Janani Vipassana Meditation Centre

This is another center where you can learn and practice Vipassana Meditation. It has branches worldwide, and the one in Lumbini sits near the Sacred Pond, where pilgrims worship at Buddha’s birthplace. The place is surrounded by greenery and welcomes you into a different spiritual world.

The most suitable course is the Ten Day Course, in which you are guided on how to meditate and stick to this practice. You’ll have to set yourself free from any distractions during this time frame and you will be asked to cease contact with the outside world to maximize benefits and detach efficiently from the body and mind.

3. The World Center for Peace and Unity

The World Center for Peace and Unity is a temple located in Lumbini Holy Park, facing the circular water pond. It is the only nonsectarian stupa in the park and is dedicated to those who want to understand peace truly. The center’s vision is to offer programs that help enrich personal and spiritual development. Also, to facilitate the enlightenment of wisdom and promote world peace through advocating love for all human beings and the earth.

The center provides various individual programs, including yoga, meditation, and Dharma courses. You will learn how to achieve inner peace through meditation and yoga, ultimately leading to a better person and a better world. It’s an excellent place to relax your mind and body, away from everyday routines, and make better decisions from a place of peace.

4. European-Buddhist Monastery

Sitting in the Monastic Zone, near the circular pond, the purpose of the monastery is to promote the pure view, the conduct, and the meditation as taught by Lord Buddha. The manicured garden and the Buddhist teachings create the perfect environment to train one’s mind and practice meditation.

The Dharma taught here is still available today —through an unbroken golden chain of extraordinary masters— for anyone seeking a profound understanding of existence and the true cause of happiness. The teachers show the central point of Buddhism, the benefit of all beings, and the daily thoughts that lead to that aim.

5. Brahma Kumaris Bhairahawa

Brahma Kumaris Rajyoga Sewa Kendra is a unique organization working in the socio-spiritual field. They have branches in many places globally, including several centers in Nepal. Even though it is located 20 km from Lumbini’s sacred site, it is worth the experience going there if you resonate with their courses and teachings.

Their foundation course in Raja Yoga meditation provides a practical understanding of the relationship between spirit and matter and an understanding of the interplay between souls, the Divine, and the material world. Other courses in the center address topics such as stress management, self-management, and a positive lifestyle – all studies focusing on your inward journey efficiently and effectively.

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