To promote peace, compassion, strength, beauty and positivity of the Himalayan region across the world. We want to achieve this through authentic coverage and celebration of the culture, people and places of the Himalayas.

About Us

In 2012, we at Royal Mountain Travel felt that something could be done to better communicate the value of Nepal and the Himalayas to the outside world. This led to the birth of Inside Himalayas, a web magazine and annual print magazine showcasing the best sights, trips, treks, food and adventures in the Himalayas based in Kathmandu, Nepal. A lot of what we do here is inspired by prayer flags that are deeply rooted in our culture. The vibrantly colored prayer flags inspire us to promote strength, beauty and positivity of our region. We want to showcase unexplored, rural communities and play our part in bringing them benefits of sustainable tourism. We hope our efforts can bring you closer to the world of the Himalayas as well as to your inner self who is longing to travel.

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