Snake ornamentation in a water tank. Photo: 
Peretz Partensky/Flickr
22 Apr 2018

Nag Panchami, When the Snakes Have Their Day

Nag Panchami (August 19) is a Hindu festival that worships Nag, the serpent king. Pictures of Nag are posted in doorways, and milk is the prime offering of the day. If you have a keen eye, you must have noticed that snakes are quite prevalent in many wood, metal, and

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The Rato Matsyendranath chariot. Photo: Elen Turner
18 Apr 2018

Patan’s Furious Sage: The Rato Matsyendranath Festival

There’s a festival held in Patan that goes on and on for one entire month–the Rato Mtsyendranath Festival. This year it will be held from May-June. It’s also a festival that has been the foreteller of some tragic events in the country’s history. The focal point of the festival is

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Photo: socialtours nepal/Flickr
08 Apr 2018

The Story of the Gai Jatra Festival

Going by just the name, you might think that Gai Jatra (or the festival of the cows) it’s something like the ‘running of the bulls’ festival in Pamplona. Well, that is really far from the mark. Gai Jatra, held on August 27 this year, is actually an occasion to commemorate

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Photo: Vrindavan Lila/Flickr
28 Mar 2018

Celebrating Krishna, Most Flamboyant of the Gods

If you are here on September 2nd this year, you must visit Patan Durbar Square, for that is where you will see long lines of both young and old devotees queuing up in front of the Krishna Temple to wish Lord Krishna a very happy birthday. Actually, there are two

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Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival Part 2
19 Mar 2018

Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival Part 2

We told you the first part of the Ghode Jatra festival story the other day, in Part 1. Are you ready for the second half? This terrifying demon was the legendary Gurumapa, whose stories were often told by elders to their children all over the valley. Scared, Kesh Chandra remained

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Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival, Part 1
16 Mar 2018

Local Lore of the Ghode Jatra Festival, Part 1

On March 27 2018, the Tundikhel ground in central Kathmandu will reverberate to the thundering beat of many hooves, as a score and more magnificent steeds race one another. The skilled riders will demonstrate their excellent horsemanship by putting them through their paces and displaying some amazing feats. The occasion

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Myths of Nepal: The Holi Story
13 Mar 2018

Myths of Nepal: The Holi Story

Holi fell on March 1-2 this year, and is known as the ‘festival of colors’. It is celebrated by throwing colors on one another. Copious drinking of bhang (a cannabis infused drink) add to the revelry, making for a boisterous milieu. Like most other Hindu festivals, it celebrates the victory

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A Princess' Deadly Curse: Myths of the Bisket Jatra Festival
09 Mar 2018

A Princess’ Deadly Curse: Myths of the Bisket Jatra Festival

This year, Bisket Jatra, the most important festival of Bhaktapur, will be held from April 11-18th, amidst the usual high-spiritedness. Thankfully, no injuries or fatalities were reported last time; it’s not uncommon to hear about somebody losing his life after being crushed by a chariot’s massive wheels, or a crashing

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