Homestay Nepal
23 Sep 2018

A Handy Guide to Drinking in Nepal

Alcoholic drinks have long been incorporated into ceremonies and celebrations throughout Nepal. The best and strongest alcohols are often homemade, and Nepal has plenty to offer. In mountain regions, raksi warms cold nights while chhyang marks harvest seasons within Newari communities. With festival season approaching, alcohol will be poured freely.

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Photo credit: Malmaison Hotels / Flickr
29 Apr 2018

The Top Spas in Kathmandu

After some extremely serious research over the past few years, I’ve compiled a list of the top contenders for the best massages, therapies and other treatments to keep the body and soul aglow through the ‘fairy dust’ that Kathmandu casts on her residents and visitors. Check ’em out! For a

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Photo: Matt Zimmerman/Flickr
02 Apr 2018

Where to Take the Best Photos, Film & Selfies in Pokhara

The world is no stranger to Nepal’s natural beauty. Yet beyond stunning mountaintops and sweeping landscapes, Nepal’s urban centers bustle with markets, restaurants, music, and more. Perfect for idyllic photos and film backdrops. Once a quiet trekking town, Pokhara is now full of luxury hotels and trendy nightspots. Beyond the

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10 Reasons to Stay at a Homestay in Nepal
07 Mar 2018

10 Reasons to Stay at a Homestay in Nepal

To engage with local people and delve into the heart of a country’s culture, staying at a family homestay is the way to go. This gives you things that a night in a hotel can never provide. You get to see the real side of the place, experience local life

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Portrait of a Nepali: A Fruit Seller in Bhaktapur
03 Dec 2017

Portrait of a Nepali: A Fruit Seller in Bhaktapur

Because of the language barrier, most interactions with local inhabitants will not go beyond a kind namaste and a smile. Like many other travellers in Nepal, I constantly wished I could communicate with the locals I met, to learn something about them. These portraits, therefore, shines a light on the

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19 Nov 2017

Silent Meditation in the Land of the Buddha

Buddha was born in Nepal–the phrase is emblazoned across windscreens, handpainted onto trucks and on hats and t-shirts of any colour you’d like. Nepal is rightly proud of its connection to Siddartha Gautama, the prince who became the first enlightened person, the Buddha. After rejecting his inherited wealth and status

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Farmer's Markets in Kathmandu
21 Nov 2016

Farmer’s Markets in Kathmandu

Whether you’re just passing through Kathmandu or living here, a Saturday or Sunday morning sampling goodies at a Kathmandu Farmer’s Market should be added to your itinerary. The Le Sherpa Farmer’s Market in Lazimpat is set out on a multi-tiered garden space, adjacent to the newly built Le Sherpa restaurant

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The Friendly Phalli that Protect Bhutan
10 Nov 2016

The Friendly Phalli that Protect Bhutan

Shafts of soft light filter into the dusky inner sanctum, illuminating unfurling incense tendrils, their haze slightly obscuring the fading dharmachakra images and murals imprinted across the temple’s ancient walls. Dropping ngultrum notes into the bowl, I bow my head with hands in contemplation pose, waiting for the wang (blessing)

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21 Oct 2016

Painting my own Thanka

Thanka was the first thing I saw for the very first time I visited Nepal. I thought they were computer generated images. I didn’t pay them much attention. So uniform and exact, the lines were perfectly straight and the curves so consistent. Then I saw a lady painting one in

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04 Oct 2016

The Newari Metalsmiths of Patan

The Newars are a major ethnic group of the Kathmandu Valley, and one of the attractions of the Newari towns—Patan, Bhaktapur and Kirtipur, in particular—is the beautiful handicrafts on display. Intricate wood carving, bronze religious statues, elaborately adorned pagoda temples, exquisite stone carving. Indeed, much of what is taken to

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