Wildlife in the Himalayas You Might See
23 Aug 2017

Wildlife in the Himalayas You Might See

A major attraction of travelling in the Himalayas is encountering unique wildlife. From colourful birds to elusive big cats, you can’t see these animals at home, outside a zoo. Read on for information on wildlife in the Himalayas you can expect to see, and where to spot these beautiful creatures.

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A Guide to Camping at Hattiban, Kathmandu Valley
09 Aug 2017

A Guide to Camping at Hattiban, Kathmandu Valley

One of my favorite weekend activities is to spend a Friday or Saturday night camping at Hattiban with a group of friends. Hattiban is a forested area located in the hills to the southwest of the valley, above Pharping. The Himalayan Height Resort is located up there and provides nice

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30 Jun 2017

Upper Mustang: Travel to The Hidden Kingdom

Upper Mustang in a nutshell: Upper Mustang is the area that used to commercially connect Tibet and India. Originally, it consisted of a number of small kingdoms which were united with the seat in the royal town of Lo Manthang. Since 1790 it is part of Nepal and Mustang’s autonomy

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Jungle Walking in the Chitwan National Park
19 Jan 2017

Jungle Walking in the Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is one of Nepal’s most popular tourist destinations, situated in the subtropical southern part of the country. It was the first national park to be established in Nepal, in 1972, and was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1984. The park covers an area

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The Colours of the Nubra Valley, Ladakh
28 Nov 2016

The Colours of the Nubra Valley, Ladakh

The Nubra Valley is situated at the end of the road, at the cap of India, in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a hidden treasure with fine silver sand dunes cradled by gargantuan mountains. This is a politically sensitive area, and all visitors require an Indian

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17 Nov 2016

Tilicho Lake Trek: Highest Lake in Nepal

The plan was to climb up to Tilicho Lake – the highest lake in Nepal (4,920m) the morning after. Tilicho Lake is well known for its outstanding beauty and after many days walking I was so excited to be there! In October 2015 I set off for the Tilicho lake

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13 Nov 2016

One Everest Base Camp Trek is not Enough

Although the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is often called the most dangerous in the world, on a good day, when the weather is clear, this the nerve-wracking fact is easily forgotten. Coasting above verdant hills, winding dusty tracks, small scattered villages and through wisps of cloud vapour, the flight

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31 Oct 2016

A Conversation with Billi Bierling, Who Ascended Cho Oyo Without Oxygen

Billi Bierling tried to ascend Cho Oyu, the sixth highest mountain in the world, in 1995. Heartbreakingly, after reaching Camp 2 at 7300m, her guide concluded that high altitude mountaineering just wasn’t for her. She thought so too, and turned around. Four years later, she summited Everest. Up until her

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Nilgiri and Rhododendrons
13 Oct 2016

Trek Among Blooming Rhododendrons in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan

Rhododendron in Nepal is known as Gurans; it is indigenous to the High Himalayas, and is also the national flower of Nepal. Indo-Burma and South Central China are considered biodiversity hotspots—that is, areas of high animal and plant diversity, but with high rates of habitat destruction. One group of plants

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31 Aug 2016

Nepal Tours: The Top Five

Nepal Tours – Beauty Comes in Simplicity. Though many people head straight to the towering Himalayas and mountain trekking circuits the moment they touch down, Nepal is a lot more than simply altitudes and conquered peaks. So, if you want to see as much of this mountain kingdom as possible during

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